Who is konema mwenenge?

In 2004 konema mwenenge received his Honors Degree DDS from University of Pretoria in Africa. He was awarded his first prize for his case presentation at the end of year in Surrey Submission. During the completion of his foundation year he was also awarded postgraduate certificate in Primary Care Dentistry, with merit,from the University of Kent. Konema is an active member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in Africa where he is a member of several committees including the Education committees in the field of dentistry.

konema mwenenge has also studied cosmetic dentistry and esthetic restorative dentistry in the Advanced Dental Seminars, Africa, among many other postgraduate studies. In minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry, konema mwenenge is particularly interested in the combined bonding and short-term orthodontics.

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Bonding is a treatment which can be used to repair decay, chipping, fracture or discoloration of the teeth. A dentist combines composite resin a plastic type in one paste for this method then tints the mix to whiten or match the color of the teeth. Each tooth has several layers of resin.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth naturally darken with age, but stain may be caused by several foodstuffs and beverages like coffee, tea and berries and by certain medicines like tetracycline, smoking and tooth trauma. There are several options for teeth whitening, including office bleaching and home bleaching.

Bridges and Implants

Two ways to replace missing dents and teeth are the bridges and implants. Bridges are fake teeth that are anchored by nearby teeth. The bridge is made of two crowns with the false tooth in the middle on the anchor teeth. The artificial roots of tooth implants supported substitution of teeth.

Oral Examination

Oral cancer begins in the moutht, tongue, or neck cells. In this examination, your dentist feels slight changes in the neck, head, face and interior of your mouth in lumps or irregular tissues. Your dentist will also look in your mouth for sores or colorful tissue if there is any issue.

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